Spotlight Fan-Kathy Norris

I first met Kathy Norris at the Decatur Book Festival  over labor Day weekend in 2010. Having worked for a company dealing with helicopters, the aviation interests in The Savannah Project grabbed her interest from the onset. When I later heard from her, she expressed her joy over how much she enjoyed my book. She signed on as a Facebook friend and fan. I saw her again in December at a book signing at the Mall of Georgia (where she bought four books to give to friends) then again in March at the Savannah Book Festival (where she bought more books to give to friends and this time Kathy brought someone with her who also bought some books.

When I talked with Kathy, I could tell that reading is much more than a past time, it’s a lifestyle. She a self-professed book junky. One of her favorite things to do is to seek out first-time authors and read their books. (I’m grateful because I was one) Kathy has been a supportive fan, sending her friends to my website to purchase The Savannah Project, sign up as fans, write reviews. Her loyalty is wonderful. I’m proud to have a fan like Kathy. She’s the type that genuinely wants to see her favorite authors be successful and I’m glad I won her her over.

The top picture was taken at the Mall of Georgia. Below are pictures of Kathy relaxing and the other is with her good friend Judy Day McClendon at the Savannah Book Festival. I look forward to seeing Kathy around more often and having her continue as a loyal fan.

Thank you, Kathy. You’re my first Spotlight Fan.

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