Meet The Characters From THE SAVANNAH PROJECT

Jake Pendleton

Vitals: 5-10, 185 pounds. Sandy blond hair, fair complexion, and blue eyes.

Our hero, the sometimes-naive NTSB investigator has an unprecedented memory and extraordinary reasoning skills. Born in the affluent Newnan, Georgia, Jake graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy before serving four years in the United States Navy as an intelligence officer. Still in his early 30’s, he has a bad habit of leaping before he looks, which frequently lands him in hot water.


Ian Collins

Vitals: 6-7, 250 pounds. Ruddy complexion. One brown eye, one blue eye.

The Assassin. Born in Northern Ireland, his mismatched eye color and the white blaze in his otherwise reddish-brown hair are a result of a lifelong condition known as Waardenburg’s Syndrome. His trade perfected, he is recognized as one of the world’s greatest assassins and known only as Shamrock, a name given to him by Interpol because he leaves a shamrock on each of his victims. Shamrock is cold and ruthless, his kills creative and flawless.


Beth McAllister

Vitals: 5-4. Hazel eyes and long, thick brown hair.

Jake Pendleton’s love interest and fiancée. Although raised a Southern Belle, the graduate of Auburn University is anything but conservative, keeping Jake on his toes. She loves the sun and getting tan—all over. An only child, she works for her father, at her father’s bank.


Gregg Kaplan

Vitals: 6-1, a muscular 200 pounds. Thick black hair, brown eyes.

Air traffic controller at Savannah International Airport, avid reader, and former Army Special Forces. Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, he learned to love aviation at an early age. His calm, unflappable demeanor, especially in the face of danger, only failed him once—at the funeral of his parents after a tragic car accident. He joins forces with Jake Pendleton to unravel the mystery surrounding the crash of an aircraft he was working at the time it went down.


Laurence O’Rourke

Vitals: Tall, thin, and a scurrilous bastard.

This former Quartermaster General for the Irish Republican Army worked his way up the political ladder by supporting the peace movement in Northern Ireland. But lurking below is a dark secret that only he knows. His threats to reveal that secret make him a target for murder.


Scott Bentley

Vitals: 6-3, 200 pounds. Gray hair, brown eyes.

Retired Admiral from the United States Navy where he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Jake’s boss, now serves as the CIA’s first African-American director. Born in 1942 in Tupelo, Mississippi, he is best known for his authoritative yet calming voice and influence over people.

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