Amazon Ratings!!!

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! I just received my updated Amazon sales numbers and ratings and, like all authors, I DO watch them. I had noticed that my Kindle sales were increasing rapidly…but I had no idea how well I was doing. I had always just looked at my rating number against ALL Kindle books that Amazon sells which included all genres.

Those nice people at Amazon though have broken down the figures so authors, like myself, can track how their book sales and ratings against other books in the same genres and categories. So where did The Savannah Project stack up? Well let just tell you!!! (Yes, I’m very proud of these figures)

IN the broadest combined genres of ALL mysteries and thrillers———-#49

IN the Thriller only genre—————————————————————–#29

IN the spy stories and tales of intrigue category———————————–#7

And lastly, IN the political fiction category———————————————#6


I couldn’t have done it without all you readers out there, so here’s a special thanks to you from me…….THANK YOU!

Here the link to buy the book, send it to all your friends. Maybe my next update will be even better!


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