Release Announcement of THE TOYMAKER


I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of the second Jake Pendleton thriller, THE TOYMAKER. As you know from The Savannah Project, Jake’s world was turned upside down, he shot the assassin Ian Collins in the Friars’ Chamber in Ireland, but the killer got away. Now he’s returning to the United States and unbeknownst to him, Collins got there first. And that’s all I have to say about that!

THE TOYMAKER epitomizes the definition of thriller. It is non-stop adventure and suspense where Jake can never seem to catch his breath. He is persecuted, exiled, shot at (more than once), and in a life or death race against time and evil.

I’m sure the title has intrigued you already. I could explain it here…but I will not. You have to read it.

THE TOYMAKER will be released first in Kindle format (eBook) this December before Christmas, tentatively December 13, 2011. (Editing and formatting could cause a one-week delay) The release date for the print version (tree-book) is February 14, 2012. That’s right, a thriller on Valentine’s Day. So far, only one other thriller is scheduled for that day…along with a gillion romance and chick-lit books. (Not sure how much a gillion is, but I’m sure it’s a lot) But they’re in a different genre so I’ll try to take advantage of the thriller market.

Also, as soon as the cover becomes available, I’ll send out a newsletter with the cover embedded. So spread the word, send everyone you can to my website. Get them to sign up for my newsletter so they can be the first to hear all the good news. Here’s the link to sign up…

Is there more news you ask? Of course there is! No firm date yet, but the third Jake Pendleton thriller is expected to hit the shelves (and your Kindle) in October of 2012. I have a working title which I won’t disclose since it remains to be seen whether or not it will pass the test of time.

Thanks again for staying loyal readers and spreading the word about THE TOYMAKER.

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