Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained–Part 1

A popular saying, even cliche by many standards, but still apropos.

And so the exercise begins. Even though my fellow author encouraged me to do it…I resisted. I watched their sales rise and fall…yet I resisted. I watched some do it with no luck and others with monumental success…and I still resisted.

The hours of research and many more of writing made it unfathomable to giveaway The Toymaker for free to Kindle owners…or anyone for that matter. But I’m going to do it anyway. Starting tomorrow, May 15, 2012, The Toymaker will be free to Kindle owners until the close of business May 17.


So now’s your chance to download The Toymaker at this ridiculously low price of zero. Zilch. Nada. But the offer is good for only 3 days.

Why? Did I hear someone ask why would I do such a silly thing? Numbers. Marketing. Amazon rankings. But mostly, to increase my readership. With the 3rd Jake Pendleton thriller in its final stages of writing, I want as big a following as I can get before the planned Fall 2012 launch.

It you haven’t bought The Toymaker, here’s your chance. And pass this blog link on to any of your friends you think might like to read it. It will be interesting to see what happens to my numbers…I’ll report in daily until this giveaway is over. The results should be interesting!

Click on the titles below….

The Toymaker

The Savannah Project



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