Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained—Part 3

It’s the end of the second day, my day anyway, of my experiment with Amazon’s KDP Select giveaway of The Toymaker. So how has it done so far? Let’s take a look…

At the end of yesterday, The Toymaker had been downloaded a little over 12,000 times. So far today (as of 10:00 p.m.) it had been downloaded over 19,000 times. When I shutdown last night, it was ranked at #24. This morning, it was ranked at #10. An hour later, #5. And right now, it’s ranked at #4. The Toymaker stayed ranked at #5 all day.

Counting foreign sales, The Toymaker has been downloaded nearly 20,000 times in less than 2 days. I, for one, thinks that’s awesome. That’s 20,000 more readers who will hopefully, sooner or later, read my book. And potentially buy my other books. Actually, that’s already begun.

The Savannah Project is now ranked at #440 OVERALL. Before this started yesterday, it was ranked at 1639. That’s out of nearly 2 MILLION ebooks in the paid kindle Store!

The big question will be whether or not it pays off after the giveaway is over. Only time will tell.

Download The Toymaker

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