Getting an Endorsement (blurb) for your book…

Finding endorsements or blurbs for your book and book jacket is no easy task. No one likes asking another author or a subject expert to read, review, and publicly endorse your book. What if they hate it? What if they disagree with it? Or what if they say no? The general understanding is if the person you ask agrees to read it and they don’t like it, you unconditionally accept their decision not to endorse it or give you a blurb and move on without harboring any ill will. No whining, moaning, or groaning. And no bad-mouthing an author who refuses either. One day someone might ask you to review their book and how will you handle it if you decide not to endorse it. Blurbs are done as a professional courtesy. It is the author’s name and reputation you’re asking them to put on your book. If they decline, politely thank them and look for an endorsement elsewhere. Authors/experts decline for a variety of reasons including just not wanting to do it. And that’s okay. I found the direct approach works best. Face to face works better than email. The worst that can happen is the person says no to your request. After that I can pretty much guarantee they haven’t given your book or your request a second thought. If they consent, give them your book/manuscript, get a one or two sentence endorsement, and then thank them profusely. It’s the business. Personally, I have always mailed a signed finished copy to them thanking them again for the endorsement. It’s plain old common courtesy.

What if I can’t get an endorsement? Don’t fret. It has rapidly reached the point where you, as an independent publisher/author, can’t get an endorsement from a traditionally published author. The big traditional houses seemed to have banded together and have forbidden—or at least strongly discouraged—their authors from blurbing self-published authors’ works. Why would they do that you ask? Probably because the tremendous increase in independent and self-published authors is becoming an increasing threat to their existence. They are losing sales to independently and self published authors and they don’t like it. The major publishing houses will likely go to even greater measures in the future to throttle back the momentum independent publishing has gained on the industry.

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  1. Lance Hudgins on July 27, 2014 at 1:20 am

    I started my journey on Amazon Kindle Publishing and have made a couple of sales. Im wondering how can I increase sales?Is it get more reviews?

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