Advance reviews of BLOWN

Check out some of these awesome advance reviews of BLOWN by book reviewers—


“Barrett takes us on a thrill ride as we follow the twists and turns of the plot. Kaplan is an intriguing, likeable character, and it will be interesting to see what happens to him and possibly Inspector Moss in upcoming books.”
—Larissa Smith, Book Reviewer

“Once in never out this is the unspoken oath of every Delta Special Forces soldier and Gregg Kaplan is one. He stumbles into a blown WITSEC operation and gives his word to a dying deputy US marshal also a former delta and nothing could make him break his oath. A fast paced story involving organized crime, the CIA assassins and the Marshal’s and of course the FBI .Crooked cops great action make this a non-stop thrill ride.”
—Craig Davis, Book Reviewer

“Loved Blown! Intriguing, timely and big action which pleased me by beginning early. I plan to read more of this talented author.”
—Liz Mitchell, Book Reviewer

“Gregg Kaplan stays under the radar, it’s part of his job. When he goes into a restaurant he notices an old man with someone he identifies as a police officer. He also notices 3 men at the counter who immediately raise his suspicions. If he acts he will definitely not be under the radar, but he can’t just sit there and do nothing. He is proven right when the men try to assassinate the old man. Kaplan steps in to help but the officer with the old man, a WitSec officer, is killed but not before extracting a promise from Kaplan to protect the witness. Kaplan and the witness go on the run. Kaplan soon begins to suspect his witness has secrets. Full of action and suspense, this book will keep your interest from beginning to end.”
—Diane Saul, Bookseller

“Absolutely brilliant, could not put this book down.
The opening couple of pages grabbed my attention and that was it! We are introduced to Gregg Kaplan, a man on a mission which gets interrupted when he stops at a diner in Little Rock and so it starts…….
Great characters in Kaplan and also Moss, interesting descriptions of Witness Protection, well written, gripping, some twists along the way.
Highly recommended read and look forward to reading more by the same author.”
—Lee Marriot-Dowding, Book Reviewer

“Once in, never out. – Delta Force mantra.
Gregg Kaplan – officially he wasn’t there, wasn’t even in the country. He should have listened to his intuition as he entered the restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas and got got back on his Harley Fat Boy and drove away. Instead he gets caught in the middle of a gunfight and ends up promising a dying U.S. Marshall (who also happens to be ex-Delta Force) that he’ll get his witness from the Witness Security Program, Tony Q, to a WITSEC safe house. He had NO idea what that was going to entail.
There are stories within stories within stories in this lightning-paced thriller. Just when I thought one tale was finishing up, another storyline popped up. And the thing is – all the story parts are fun to read and kept me guessing.
What do you get with BLOWN? Colorful characters including U.S. Marshall Pete Moss (yes, that’s his name) and an assassin called Valkyrie. A storyline that stretches from Lebanon to Arkansas to New Jersey to Martinique and all kinds of dangerous points in between.
I liked the pacing, the descriptions of people and places, especially the CIA and WITSEC safe places, and the sleight of hand moments when the author caught me unaware.
What I’m trying to say – with too many words probably – is that I really liked this book. And I recommend it to anyone that likes imaginative thrillers.”
—Cheryl Stout, Book Reviewer


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