By Special Request: Reading Order Explained


Over the course of the past few months, I’ve received numerous emails, Facebook messages, and tweets asking about the reading order for the Jake Pendleton series books. Some confusion might be that on my website the latest release is listed first, putting them in reverse order. I have also had readers ask which Chuck Barrett book they should read first. And a few who have asked which is my favorite. Hopefully, I can answer these questions and set you on a path to enjoyable reading.

Jake Pendleton series

The order of writing and the order of reading can be the same or different depending on your personal preference. The order of writing AND chronological order of the Jake Pendleton series is this:

  1. The Savannah Project
  2. The Toymaker
  3. Breach of Power

Now, let’s look a little deeper. Think of The Savannah Project & The Toymaker as one story broken into two books. It is one long story with the same underlying theme running from one to the other. As a matter of fact, The Toymaker picks up right where The Savannah Project ends. Regardless of which order you read the others, I think the best enjoyment will come from reading The Savannah Project and then The Toymaker without taking a break or reading something else in between. It is literally a 700-page story. It is also the bulk of character growth for the protagonist, Jake.

Now, that brings us to Breach of Power & DISRUPTION. Both are stand-alone stories and may be read in any order. I do, however, suggest you read The Savannah Project & The Toymaker before reading either of the other two. The main reason for this suggestion is so you, the reader, will understand how Jake got to the point he is in life. Many readers only like to read books in order. I, personally, think that’s the best way to read a series. You can connect with the main characters better and watch them grow from book to book. Readers who love to read series have an investment in the main characters…that’s what draws them to series reading.

Which Chuck Barrett book should you read first?

Easy enough to answer, I think. If you are a big Lee Child/Jack Reacher fan, then read BLOWN first. It is the first in the Gregg Kaplan series and one I’m certain you’ll enjoy. If you’re more of a David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler type of fan, then start with the Jake Pendleton series and read them in order.

Which is my favorite book?

I’ve had this asked of me so many times I lost count…and it keeps getting worse. Every book is near and dear to the author’s heart. They all have a special meaning for us…that’s why we wrote them. To ask an author which book they wrote is their favorite is like asking which child is their favorite.

So, my answer to them…and to you…is my favorite book is the one I’m working on now!
(Full disclaimer: I didn’t come up with that line. I heard fellow author Bob Mayer say it once and have used it ever since)

I hope this helps.


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