AT&T Cell Subscribers Beware!

August 8, 2018

I have included the date for a reason, this happened to me today and I’m still fuming.

For three months in a row my AT&T bill has inched upward. Not much, mind you, a couple of dollars each month and then a little more for August. As I found out today from an employee at the Fort Collins AT&T store on JFK Blvd, AT&T has done this to all of its customers. And that probably means you if AT&T is your cell phone provider.

So, what exactly did they do? In a nutshell, they changed your plan and raised your rate…again without your consent. After I complained, here is the official AT&T explanation: “We had a rate increase and compensated you by increasing your data plan.”

I replied, “I already don’t use all the data in my plan, so all AT&T has done is raise my rate.”

“No,” the customer service rep replied, “We compensated you for our rate increase.”

So, unsatisfied with this, I asked to speak to his supervisor. After 30 minutes of holding, a manager came on the line. His story was the same. “AT&T had a rate increase and is compensating its customers by doubling their data plan.”

I complained and then asked, “By what authority does AT&T have to change my plan and rate without my consent?”

Here is the official AT&T answer: “When a customer signs up for a plan or changes a plan, AT&T reserves the right to change the plan and/or increase the costs at our discretion.”

I kid you not, they hid behind the fine print!

I encourage all of you to check your bill. If this happened to you, call and complain. Think about it, according to the ‘1Q  2018 AT&T by the numbers’ report, AT&T has 159.4 million wireless subscribers. The revenue generated by increasing a customer’s bill by a mere $5 is a whopping $797,000,000 dollar increase in revenue!

I imagine top AT&T executives decided what the maximum price increase they could get away with would be without subscribers jumping ship to another carrier. They knew there would be some, like myself, who would challenge what they did, so to add insult to injury, they would tell subscribers that they’ve been compensated by giving them more data. Doesn’t matter whether they need extra data or not. Or even want it.

AT&T is a massive conglomerate and thinks they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Sadly, this is probably true. But, I’ve had all of the AT&T monkey business I can stand for one lifetime. After thirty-something years with AT&T, I’m out. I don’t know if the competitors will be any better, but it won’t be the scamming AT&T taking my $$$ any more. After today, I’d pay more just to get away from AT&T.

Oh yeah, and DirecTV…you’re next! A complete AT&T purge.

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