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Archive for August 2019

Enter The Toymaker

After the release of The Savannah Project, I was enjoying the glow of my first released book. You know, book signings, a little shameless self-promotion, etc. I hadn’t really given much thought to book 2 in the Jake Pendleton series except that one had to be forthcoming, and soon, because the story really wasn’t finished.…

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It’s all about beginnings—The Savannah Project

I started my first book, The Savannah Project, all the way back in 1998 when I first started writing. Of course, back then, there were a multitude of possible working titles until about 2008, when I finally settled on the title. 2008, you ask? Yep, it took twelve years and several rewrites to reach a…

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Friends and Readers: LET’S MAKE A DEAL! For many of you out there, you’ll remember Monty Hall made that line famous with his game show of the same name. As we approach the end of summer, I’m making you a deal. Behind curtain #1—All (but one) of my trade paperback (print) books have been reduced…

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