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Archive for September 2019

Gregg Kaplan, book 2—LAST CHANCE

After months—strike that—years of being bombarded with emails wanting to know about when the Gregg Kaplan sequel to BLOWN was going to come out, I felt I should listen a little closer to my readers wants and desires. Admittedly, I had struggled for an idea for the next Kaplan book seeing as I had lavished…

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BLOWN—Gregg Kaplan series, Book 1

Waaaay back in the beginning as I was in the editing phase my first book, The Savannah Project, I told my editors that my plan, after two Jake books, was to start a spinoff series with Gregg Kaplan. The main reason was that Kaplan was such a strong character, I felt he deserved a series…

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DISRUPTION—Jake Pendleton. Book 4

The fourth book in the Jake Pendleton series, DISRUPTION, my most recent and was my most difficult book to write. The information pertaining to the subject matter was so complex that, at times, I came close to throwing in the towel. But, the result, has earned enormous praise from the publishing industry’s major review houses.…

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BREACH OF POWER—The saga continues!

The third book in the Jake Pendleton series, Breach of Power, is a slight departure from the first two in the series in that it involves a lost treasure hunt of sorts. I had been collecting articles of interest over an extended period that I wanted to use in a story or stories. The first…

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