Gregg Kaplan, book 2—LAST CHANCE

After months—strike that—years of being bombarded with emails wanting to know about when the Gregg Kaplan sequel to BLOWN was going to come out, I felt I should listen a little closer to my readers wants and desires.

Admittedly, I had struggled for an idea for the next Kaplan book seeing as I had lavished in unprecedented blockbuster success with BLOWN. I wanted a different feel for this story. When I wrote BLOWN, I was living in the South, now I live in Colorado and felt an overwhelming desire to do a story with a setting in the West. I also wanted to add a Native American vibe to it without taking away from the Kaplan voice and style.


Through a stroke of happenstance, my wife and I decided on a whim to drive up to Laramie, Wyoming for lunch one Sunday morning. We found a nice little coffee shop/diner/bar in downtown. The dining area was full, so we opted to walk down into the bar area and eat at the bar. We were alone except for the bartender and his girlfriend/significant other/whatever. We talked about his past…long story, but the gist is he used to work in special effects in Hollywood until a friend of his was seriously injured during a scene while filming on of the Fast & Furious movies. We discussed with him that we were authors and I was interested in picking his brain about his special effects skills.

One thing led to another and as I told him about my idea for the next book and my desire to add some Native American influence, he informed me that his cousin’s husband was a BIA officer. (Bureau of Indian Affairs). I got his contact info and that turned into an interview in Lander, Wyoming and a ride-along through the Wind River Indian Reservation. All I can say is WHOA! What an eye-opening experience that was.

The result—LAST CHANCE.

Gregg Kaplan’s partner has vanished without a word.

He is inexplicably kept in the dark by his employer, the CIA, and ordered to stand down or face the consequences. Refusing to follow orders, Kaplan strikes out on his own in search of Isabella Hunt, the woman he is in love with.

Following a tip that led him across the country to a small town in Wyoming, he finds himself in trouble once again when two of the town’s bullies assault a young Native American woman. This time it lands him behind bars. Kaplan quickly learns that the men he just put in the hospital are the sons of a wealthy and politically connected land baron.

Town Marshal Christine Cavalier is stumped by recent crimes in her once peaceful town. After one of her deputies is murdered, she realizes her understaffed department cannot handle the wrath of the most powerful man in town. She is forced to turn to a man with special skills­—Kaplan—who is pushed into an unwanted alliance with the marshal in exchange for what he believes the marshal knows about Isabella.

Aided by his friend, Pete Moss, and the Town Marshal, Kaplan finds himself in a deadly shoot-out. Cavalier believes the killer is dead, but Kaplan knows somebody more sinister is the mastermind behind the killing spree, but is it too late to stop him before he kills again?

With relentless pacing, striking twists, and some of most devious characters yet, LAST CHANCE is Chuck Barrett writing at his awe-inspiring best.

Also, LAST CHANCE won Finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards Thriller/Adventure category!

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