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Advance Book Review for #DISRUPTION—6/27/2016

From book reviewer Linda Quick… (5 out of 5 stars) 6/27/2016 “Loved this book! It takes a basic premise: that everyone has been hacked and is divided by those that know it and those that don’t know it. From that premise, the author has created a complex thriller spanning continents and surrounding the ultimate hack.…

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Advance 5-Star Book Review for #DISRUPTION—6/30/2016

From book reviewer Thadeus Smith… (5 out of 5 stars) 6/30/2016 “Cover: When it comes to the mystery and suspense genre, actually, when it comes to the mass-market paperback subset of publishing in general, the covers start to blend together. You’ll notice that, after a while, all of John Grisham’s novels will start to blend…

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Kirkus Review of #DISRUPTION—Available October 25, 2016. Pre-Order now!

KIRKUS REVIEWS—August 12, 2016 Covert operative Jake Pendleton returns to stop a possibly devastating cyberwarfare alliance between North Korea and Iran in Barrett’s latest series thriller. Jake’s latest assignment as emissary for Virginia espionage firm Commonwealth Consultants sends him to Italy. He and his partner, Italian intelligence agent Francesca Catanzaro, are searching for a hacker…

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