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Award-winning author of the Jake Pendleton series—The Savannah Project, The Toymaker, Breach of Power, and DISRUPTION, as well as his 2015 award-winning blockbuster, BLOWNthe first book in his new Gregg Kaplan series. The second in the Kaplan series, Last Chance, is scheduled for release in October 2018.

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Last Chance - Chuck Barrett

About Last Chance

Gregg Kaplan’s partner has vanished without a word.

He is inexplicably kept in the dark by his employer, the CIA, and ordered to stand down or face the consequences. Refusing to follow orders, Kaplan strikes out on his own in search of Isabella Hunt, the woman he is in love with.

Following a tip that led him across the country to a small town in Wyoming, he finds himself in trouble once again when two of the town’s bullies assault a young Native American woman. This time it lands him behind bars. Kaplan quickly learns that the men he just put in the hospital are the sons of a wealthy and politically connected land baron.

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Reading Order Explained:

Reading Order Explained: Over the course of the past few months, I’ve received numerous emails, Facebook messages, and tweets asking about the reading order for the Jake Pendleton series books. Some confusion might be that on my website the latest release is listed first, putting them in reverse order. I have also had readers ask…

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