The Savannah Project

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Published by: Switchback Press
Release Date: March 9, 2010
Pages: 336
ISBN13: 978-1936214075


The truth can be a dangerous thing.

Terrorism, duty, and personal safety collide when Jake Pendleton, an investigator for the NTSB, is called to investigate an aircraft accident in Savannah, Georgia during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The accident, which at first appears to be quite run-of-the-mill, turns out to be anything but. Since Jake is not willing to pretend there are no suspicious circumstances and more than the usual share of rather unlikely “coincidences,” he sets off a veritable avalanche of secrets, violence and treachery. Aided by an unlikely partner, Gregg Kaplan, the air traffic controller who was the last person in contact with the airplane that crashed, Jake sets out to untangle the webs of deceit and to find a vicious killer.

Nothing is as it seems, nobody is who you thought them to be.
Nothing is sacred.
Nobody is safe.



Finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards for Thriller/Adventure!

Second Place in the 2011 Reviewers Choice Awards for Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Horror!

Honorable Mention in the 2011 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards for Thriller/Suspense!

From bestselling authors...

The Savannah Project signals the arrival of a new member to the thriller genre. Chuck Barrett. The tale contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for. The intrigue comes from all directions, slicing and stitching with precision. A worthy debut from an exciting talent.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“From the tree-lined streets of Savannah to the mossy stones of an ancient Irish castle, The Savannah Project weaves a fast moving tale of murder, mystery and suspense. Chuck Barrett has written a winner here. A must-read novel for thriller lovers.”
—William Rawlings, bestselling author of The Mile High Club

From book reviewers...

The Savannah Project is a bona fide suspense thriller. Rife with abundant mystery and intrigue, author Chuck Barrett’s standout tale takes the reader on a tortuous path of all-engrossing action and adventure. A highly recommended instant classic.”
—Apex Reviews 

“Guaranteed to hold you at rapt attention until the very end.”
—Renee Washburn/Apex Reviews

The Savannah Project is an exciting thriller that will prove hard to put down.”
—The Midwest Book Review 

The Savannah Project represents a superior effort for this newly minted novelist.”
ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“A taut, pulse-pounding thriller.”
ForeWord Clarion Reviews

“A riveting plot, and near constant suspense…”
—Jill Allen/Foreword Clarion Reviews

Reader Views

“Chuck Barrett’s The Savannah Project grabs your undivided attention from the very first sentence and does not let you truly exhale until the very last, chilling-to-the core line…”
—Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson/Reader Views

“What set this novel apart, in addition to the sharp writing, snappy dialogue and well-fleshed out characters, was the author’s technical expertise. Mr. Barrett’s experiences as a pilot and air traffic controller contributed greatly to a particularly realistic and graphic feel in this truly unforgettable and gripping thriller.”
—Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson/Reader Views

From the Media...

Book Set In Savannah By Mike Manhatton, WTOC-TV

Friday, March 26, 2010 at 9:54pm

Remember St. Patrick’s Day, BEFORE my painful meeting with the little car with sudden acceleration problems and no brakes? During our pre-parade show I interviewed author Chuck Barrett who’s just published a book with Savannah and St. Patrick’s Day as the backdrop. I promised to post his info here, and decided rather than lose it in the shuffle, I’d wait a bit. I’ve just finished the book, and it’s a good read. I’ve written a mini-review in my “Notes” section, and you can read it there, and learn more about Chuck and how to get “The Savannah Project.”

I “met” Chuck through a mass email he sent to the media a few weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, he was coming to town to sell & sign copies of his new book, “The Savannah Project.” Billed as a thriller, with Savannah and St. Patrick’s Day as a backdrop, I was interested, whether we covered the signing or not. Due to problems with the bookstore, they had to cancel the signing I went to, and I sent Chuck an email. He very graciously replied, and we struck up a conversation. I thought he was a natural for a brief live interview St. Patrick’s Day morning in the pre-parade show we do every year, and he joined us.

He did a great job, thinking on his feet, telling his story in 100 words or less, and made me more interested in the book. Not to spoil anything, but the book is set in Savannah, the story at the start wraps around a small plane crash that the FAA is investigating. There are international connections to the crash, political, and otherwise because of who’s on the plane, heading for St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah. But it gets very much more complicated than that as the story moves along. And it does move along. There are a few places where you might have to pause and put together a mental roster of characters so you understand who’s doing what, but trust me, every character has a role, there are no throwaways. His key characters are an air traffic controller and an FAA crash investigator. They don’t know each other before the crash brings them together, but how things develop fuels the story and provides characters you’ll care about. The investigation turns to action (no spoiler here) during the parade, when a key character winds up prey, his dangerous hunter pursuing him literally within the parade and the throngs of parade goers. Where the story turns from there, you’ll have to read on your own.

I’m certainly no literary critic, but I do enjoy reading. Among my favorite authors, Randy Wayne White of Doc Ford fame, he makes Florida’s Gulf Coast and points south come alive. James W. Hall, who with Thorn brings a dark side to the Sunshine State, the northern Keys in particular. And of course Golden Isles favorite, Steve Berry and Cotton Malone’s international adventures. Chuck Barrett’s first effort, “The Savannah Project” is a great start in that tradition, and I’ll be looking forward to a continuation if he decides to make it a franchise. The way “Project” ends, I certainly hope he does! 

From Readers...

"No worries; this is NOT the old same old! An airplane crash starts off as a crash site "CSI" investigation, which is fascinating in itself. It then morphs into a Special Forces/CIA thriller set in the context of Sein Fein and the modern Ireland struggles. Of course there is an Arab terrorist aspect.

No one is who they appear to be, and there are lots of well developed fascinating characters. There are evil unbelievably cruel villains you feel sorry for, complex bad guys who have soft spots that are their undoing, and flawed heroes. Everyone in the book is "real" meaning that the Special Ops good guys get hurt and stay hurt, make mistakes, and only have human abilities.

The plot twists and turns, everytime I thought it was over and the obligatory wrap-up/epilogue would start, the plot began anew!

So why 4 stars! I reserve five stars for true works of art and literacy, transcendent masterpieces.

I have no doubt this author will write such a book. However brilliant Savannah Project is, it is ragged at times, sputters instead of roaring full throttle, and the writing can be distractingly choppy. Please don't misunderstand me, this book is better than most five star thrillers and I agree with the above reviews. However this is hardly the best book this author will write. When he gets the kinks out of his style, he will be one of the greats in his genre."

"I met Chuck at Thrillerfest 2010 along with many of my favorite old and new thriller writers from Clive Cusser and David Morrell and Doug Preston to Ted Dekker and Harlen Coben. I mention this because 1) I like a great thriller (and avoid those authors who don't deliver on their promises of keeping me on the edge of my seat), and 2) to give you a flavor of the stories I like.

Chuck's book, Savannah Project, is a GREAT read! Think Nelson DeMille meets Stephen Coonts - action-packed suspense with CSI-like insight into airline crash investigations on an international scale.

Pick up a copy of this book. You won't be able to put it down!"

"I loved the book! I like thrillers and this was awesome! I really love trying to guess all the twists before the author reveals them. This one had several surprises that had me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat trying to read fast enough to find out if I was right! It started out a little too gory to my liking, but the story pulled me in and held me. I can't wait until his next one! Great job, Chuck!"

"I thought this book was wonderful! There was a wonderful twists and turns to both the plot and the characters that will keep you intrigued. It had a great set of villains, all with a multitude of personal issues that would alternatively impede and push forward their evil agenda. The international plot swung from Savannah, Georgia to Ireland in dealing with the IRA, who I think is one of the oldest (If not the oldest) terriorist groups in existance. The Heros were at times impeded by the protocols and procedures of the agencies where they worked. Anybody who has ever worked for a government agency (And I do!) knows what that's like. I thought it was a great read and I hope Mr. Barrett is working on a sequel."

"Chuck-------Just finished your book----great read---had my attention the whole time! Hurry up with your next one. Hope to be back to the First Coast soon."

"Wow! I just finished your book. I bought it at the 1st Fri fest in Panama City. I loved it! I only have one question. When is the next one coming out? 🙂 I am letting friends and family read it now. I couldn't put it down. Just amazing!"

"Chuck, I just finished your book. Wow!!! I loved it. I cannot wait for your next one to be released. I have read many thrillers and this one takes them all. The twist and turns kept me on the edge the entire time. Thank you for such an awesome adventure."

"Chuck----great first book,the ending,it's not over??? Bought after seeing you being interviewed at this year's St.Patrick's Day parade in Savannah..Can't wait for your next project...."

"The book was awesome! It kept twisting and turning with every chapter. I look forward to your next adventure and hopefully someday seeing one of your plots in a movie. Sign me up for an advanced copy of your next book! Keep up the great work."

"I read the prologue of this book thinking I would read that before bed and get up to read the book the next morning. I never went to bed. The prologue caught my attention and the page turning action kept it. Did not expect the ending or the numerous twists and turns. A great book from start to finish!"

"Chuck Barrett`s new book, The Savannah Project, is indeed a thriller! I was glued to the book to the very end! Both, lads and lassies will enjoy it for different reasons. The guys especially will like the weapon descriptions and all the bloody, gruesome details. The intellectual humor and insertions of Savannah, Georgia and Irish history are a fantastic bonus! Can't wait for the sequel!!!"

"If you like romance, thrills, suspense, then The Savannah Project is just the book you want to read! It has all of this and more! Once you start reading this book, you will not be able to put it down. There are twists-and-turns over every page and surprises that you won't see coming. Chuck Barrett is an up-and-coming writer who definitely delivers in his first novel. This book is a must-read and you will not be disappointed! Great book and highly recommended!"

"With The Savannah Project, Mr. Barrett captivates the reader from the first paragraph. The story is a whirlwind of action and intrigue from beginning to end. I can only hope Mr. Barrett is working on a sequel."

"The Savannah Project can keep you reading into the night, despite your better intentions to put it down. You take it with you wherever you go. The bathroom, breakfast, to work. Hard to put down. You get so enthralled by the adventure that you hardly notice the world. A genius storyteller, Chuck Barrett weaves this fascinating. action-packed tale of betrayal! Riveting till the very end, The Savannah Project delivers. A great read and highly recommended."

"With every twist and turn, the tension is ratcheted up another notch...jam-packed with clever plots, strong characters and amazing wit...a true page-turner!"

"An airplane crash investigation goes terrifyingly wrong - leading to murders, a chase through the colorful streets of Savannah, one of the most fascinating and memorable cities I know, and an international hunt for the secrets of a former IRA official and the assassin trailing him. This thriller has everything you could want -- great characters, nonstop action, wonderful settings and a complex plot that builds to a smashing finale. Jake and Gregg make a well-matched pair of comrades, and I hope they'll appear in many more Barrett books."

"I read an advanced reading copy of The Savannah Project and loved it! Be prepared for the unexpected!"

"Excellent book capturing the reader from the first page! Great first book and I look forward to the next one from this amazing new author!!"

"The Savannah Project is a fast paced thriller that takes you on an adventure through the historical streets of Savannah. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns along the way!"

"Great book Chuck. Can hardly wait for next one."

"WOW! Thanks. I enjoyed the read!! I saw an opening for a continuation. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I attended the book signing in Orange Park. We talked a bit and you told me I would enjoy this more than a James Patterson that I was intending to buy and I must say you we're correct it was very entertaining and I can't wait until you write another you are now one of my favorite authors. Job well done. I would never think this was your first book if you hadn't mentioned it to me. I truly loved every page..... Great book I really can't express enough how much I enjoyed it....Your Loyal reader now."

"Chuck, literally just put your book down! All I can say is WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed the book. What a wild ride!"