The Toymaker

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Published by: Switchback Press
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Pages: 368
ISBN13: 978-1936214686


He's been in the business for 50 years—he makes 'toys' for spies.

Former NTSB Investigator Jake Pendleton faces a dilemma as the line blurs between right and wrong. After his judgment comes into question, Jake is entrusted to his new mentor, an eccentric old man who sees beyond Jake’s flaws. A man who makes ‘toys for spies.’

A man known as The Toymaker.

Jake’s first assignment reunites him with Gregg Kaplan in a daredevil mission to rescue a fellow agent held captive in Yemen. He risks his life to stop the first attack of an al Qaeda mastermind. But now, with no one to trust but himself, can Jake stop the terrorist from destroying what is most precious to the free world?

Unfortunately, more trouble comes his way as a killer from his past threatens something more important to Jake than his own life, leaving him to make the hardest decision any man ever has to make—

Who to sacrifice.



Finalist in the 2013 International Book Awards for Mystery/Suspense!

Finalist in the 2013 International Book Awards for Thriller/Adventure!

"The Toymaker is a fun, fast moving thriller with plenty of gadgets and a lot of action."
—Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Capitol Murder

"The Toymaker did a great job keeping a fast-moving and interesting plot. The story started with lots of action and the plot continued seamlessly even with the jumps in time. I often read a book where the first exciting chapter does not have anything to do with what comes next, but this book tied that first chapter and the high stakes there neatly to what came next. There was no question of how things were going to play out after that. The book was consistently fast-paced and intense. This was one of the better books I read for the contest."
Writers Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"Some people say 'the devil is in the details.'  The truth is, the small difference between successful and failed missions is equal to the sum of the unattended, minuscule, and seemingly trivial details. The Toymaker keeps you on this thin line as the story unfolds."
The Real Toymaker

"Loved The Toymaker, didn't get a chance to write a review on Goodreads. Reminded me of old school Tom Clancy (the good stuff)."

"In Mr. Barrett's follow up to THE SAVANNAH PROJECT, Jake Pendleton finds himself embroiled again in a battle to thwart a terrorist's evil purpose. THE TOYMAKER leaves the reader feeling exhilarated and satisfied as the no nonsense page turner propels Jake through deserts, explosions, gun battles and boat chases. Tormented by an unseen nemesis and his own embattled psyche, Jake must accept the help of a little known ally to the US Government and learn painful, but liberating lessons from TheToymaker, a secretive developer of spy toys and advanced technology.

THE TOYMAKER provides everything a thriller reader would want. Characters that jump from the page, a deep plot that feels timely and current, and all the action you've come to expect from Mr. Barrett. I found the book a page turner and as always, filled with tidbits and information that taught me things I did not know. Mr. Barrett's exhausting research shows in every scene, and his pace and plot development held me enthralled from the first page to the last.

Bravo! I can't wait for the next in the Jake Pendleton series."
Author Richard C Hale